(serves 1)

-Sushi Rice-
180 ml rice
180 ml water
2tbs vinegar (preferably rice vinegar)
1tbs sugar
1tsp salt
1 small piece of seaweed (cook with rice)

-Egg Sheet-
1 egg
1/2 tbs water
1/2 tsp potato starch

-Combinations in this video- Cucumber + Salmon roe
Scallops + Lemon
Red bream + Yuzu marinated seaweed
Egg strings + Nori strings
Cherry radish + black sesame
Salmon + Basil cheese
Shrimp + Lemon zest
Avocado + Spicy cod roe + Parmesan cheese
Pickled radish + sesame oil + Red pepper strings
Sea bream + Leaf bud of Japanese pepper tree
Tuna + Green onion
Squid + Edible flower (or Shiso flower)

-Other suggested combinations-
Avocado + Spicy mayonnaise
Roast beef slice + Rock salt
Smoked salmon + Dill weed
Canned tuna + Mayonnaise + Salt & Pepper
Boiled shrimp + Onion slices + Avocado slices + Mayonnaise




Sushi is now very popular in Western countries and I like how they created their own styles. As long as you have a topping (called neta) on vinegar-rice (called shari), then that's sushi. Some of the ingredients I used for this video might be difficult for you to get but you can use anything you want instead. Just use your imagination and enjoy creating your own sushi!

1. Wash the rice and cook it with a sheet of kombu (5cm square). 
2. Cut a few thin slices of cucumber. You can use peeler. 
3. Slice a cherry radish into 1mm thick slices. 
4. Cut the pickled radish about 2 centimeters thick. Cross-cut the surface. And rub a teaspoon of sesame oil on it.
5. Cut the avocado into quarters and slice it thinly. Adding lemon juice prevents it from becoming brown.
6. Add an egg,  1/2 tbs water + 1/2 tsp potato starch and mix it well. Fry it on low heat to make thin egg sheets. 
7. Fold it and cut it into strings.
8. Mince the basil.
9. Mix it with olive oil, garlic, and parmesan cheese.
10. Slice the fish into small thin pieces. 
11. Add the vinegar and sugar to the rice while it's hot and make sure not to crush the rice grain while mixing. Gently move the scooper and coat the rice with vinegar.
12. Now, make sushi balls. Place each topping on saran-wrap and put the rice on it, them make it into ball shape. 
13. Put toppings and done!