POPCORN RICE / お米でポップコーン



(serves 1-2)
160g raw rice*
canola oil (for deep-frying)

Metal strainer
Thermometer for oil
2 pots

*How much rice you want to use depends on how much you want to eat. As long as it's raw, any type of rice should be good.



1. Prepare two pots and a metal strainer.
2. Heat up canola oil 200-220°C (390-430°F) in a pot.
3. Deep-fry the rice. It takes less than 10 seconds so make sure not to leave the kitchen. If your rice just burns instead of popping, your oil probably isn't hot enough.
4. Strain the rice.

Puffed rice makes a good topping and you can flavor it however you'd like. One of my favorite ways to eat is fry with salted butter and use it as a topping for ramen.