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Utility Knife

Bob Kramer 5" Stainless Damascus Utility Knife (120g)

I use this one for cutting fruits almost every morning for breakfast. Great blade + easy to sharpen, and the handle is very comfortable to use for a long periods of time. The non-Damascus version is less expensive.


Chef's Knife

 Bob Kramer 8" Stainless Damascus Chef's Knife (285g)

I mostly use this one for cutting/chopping/mincing vegetables. Great blade + easy to sharpen, and the handle is very comfortable to hold. This one is a little heavier than my other knives and the extra weight is helpful for cutting big vegetables as well. 


Carving Knife

 Bob Kramer 9" Stainless Damascus Carving Knife (180g)

I actually use this one more as a bread-knife. Unlike most of bread-knives with wavy blades, this one just slices pretty much any type of bread without getting bread crumbs all over the counter. Also you can sharpen this knife since it doesn't have a wavy blade. 



ZWILLING Twin Fin Utility Knife (80g)

I use this all stainless knife almost every day. Beautiful design, very comfortable to hold, and super easy to take care of. I use this knife more often than any other ones I have in daily cooking. Unfortunately I couldn't find a link for this knife on the English ZWILLING website, but you can get one on the Japanese website. 



ZWILLING Twin Fin Chef's Knife  (160g)

I often use this one for cutting frozen fruits for smoothies. It feels very comfortable to hold and easy to control since it's fairly light even though the whole knife is made of metal. Unfortunately I couldn't find a link for this knife on the English ZWILLING website, but you can get one on the Japanese website. 



ZWILLING Twin Cermax M66 8" Chef's Knife (210g)

This is the sharpest non-high carbon steel knife I've had so far. Unlike high carbon steel knives, this one doesn't get rusty easily, and yet it's as sharp as if not sharper than many high carbon steel knives. Its handle is very comfortable to hold as well. The only downside I'd say is it's harder to sharpen than other knives; however the blade stays sharp longer than many other knives on the market.



Ryusen Hamono Tangan RYU Sujihiki (170g)

Ryusen Hamono is one of my favorite knife making companies in Japan. Their knives, especially this Tangan RYU series, are absolutely beautiful and incredibly sharp. The handle is also very comfortable and functional as well. I couldn't find their products on Amazon but here's the link to their website below if you're interested.


Custom Chef's Knife

Maumasi Fire Arts Custom Chef's Knife (208g)

This is my dream knife I ordered from Mareko, the founder of Maumasi Fire Arts. This is the sharpest, the most hand fitting, and the most beautiful cooking knife I've ever owned, and I dream of passing it down to my future generations. This is one of a kind so there's no link to purchase this knife; however here's the link to his website below. 

“In my early twenties while I was working one of my many restaurant gigs, I met a man who would transform my life, Bob Kramer.”  -Mareko


One of the biggest motivations I had while I was doing a part-time job at a restaurant as a student was to get great cooking knives and become able to use them smoothly and cook something delicious for my family, especially for my grandmother, one day.

My job there was to wash dishes as fast and clean as I could and I wasn't really allowed to do anything else besides refilling dressing bottles. Later, after I saved up enough to get myself a cooking knife, I started looking into cutlery and as I learned more and more about them, I realized there is a difference between a well-made knife and a great knife. Here's a quote from a master bladesmith below and this is precisely how I feel about it.

“ I think a well-made knife will do the job. A great knife, you can kind of see it from across the room. You're drawn towards it and you want to pick the thing up. And then, when you cut something you get that thrill, like it's just sailing through the food. You feel like you've got a power tool in your hand even though it's just a knife. There's no power there. That's what a great knife has.”  -Bob Kramer