CREPE SUZETTE / クレープシュゼット



(serves 2)

50g cake flour
15g sugar
1 egg (60g)
120g milk
10g butter (unsalted)
1 pinch of salt
5cm of a stick of vanilla (for the seeds inside)*

*Or just use a few drops of vanilla extract

1 orange (with pleasant aroma)
150-200ml orange juice
20g sugar
20g butter
10-20ml Cointreau (up to you)
10ml Grand Marnier  (up to you)

Any ice cream you like. My favorite is cookies and cream.




1. Get the seeds out from the vanilla. 
2. Melt the butter and mix the seeds into the butter.
3. Beat the egg.
4. Add sugar, salt, egg, butter, and milk in the flour and mix them well.
5. Heat the batter on medium high heat and make crepe sheets.
6. Squeeze oranges to get the juice. (Or just buy orange juice)
7. Add sugar and butter in the pan and melt them.
8. Heat up the pan and add Cointreau. 
9. When the alcohol is evaporated, pour the orange juice.
10. Then add the crepes and fold them while boiling.
11. Heat up the Grand Marnier (using a small metal pot will be easier than a wine glass). 
12. Pour it in the pan. If you'd like to try, you can add half of the Grand Marnier in the pan and pour the rest down through the orange skin to get the aroma from it. 
13. Place the crepes on a plate. Scoop the ice cream on the crepes and done!