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  • Aichi, Japan

Hi, my name is Jun. I like cooking but I'm not a professional chef. I started cooking for myself when I moved out of home for university, and I started experimenting with new recipes when I met my wife in order to get her to eat more healthily since she is very picky. I worked in a restaurant once... washing dishes... but that's it!


These are my cats


Kohaku (haku) / 琥珀

Haku is the oldest. He's a maine coon (maybe). He likes to watch things. Every time we go into another room he comes in and jumps above us so he can look down on what we're doing. He likes sticks a lot and will steal our straws or hit our chopsticks out of our hands if we're not careful. He also tries to rip apart any tape he finds so we have to take all the tape off of boxes before he can play with them.


poki / 歩生

My wife found Poki on the expressway. He was only a kitten and was starving and had been hit by a car and so his tail needed to be amputated, but now he is spoiled and too fat. Sometimes he explores things too much and gets stuck behind our cabinets or in the trash can. He is very, very loud. You can hold Poki upside down and he doesn't care.


nagi / 凪 

Nagi is our youngest kitty. He's a Norwegian Forest cat (maybe). He has a sad meow which makes us feel bad every time he wants something. When he plays with toys he will step on anyone or any cat in his way. He really likes plastic wrappers and will wait for us to tie up and throw our snack bags when we finish eating them so he can play fetch with them.